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Other controllers

The following procedure may be used to find out if the EQ5 controller modification is likely to work with other controllers.
  1. You need a multimeter or a similar instrument capable of measuring DC and AC voltage, current, and resistance.
  2. Measure the voltage from the power supply driving the controller. The supply voltage should be maximum 30 V DC. The AC voltage should be less than 30 % of the DC voltage. Identify the positive and negative terminal in the connector.
  3. Disconnect the power cable and open the controller.
  4. Verify that the navigation buttons are ordinary switches:
  5. Each switches should have one of its terminals connected to the negative supply voltage (usually ground). The resistance from the switch to the negative syupply terminal should be < 5 ohm.
  6. Connect the power and the motor cables to the controller and turn it on.
  7. When a button is not pressed down, the DC voltage across the switch should be > 3.5 V. The negative side should of course be the side connected to the negative supply. The AC voltage (rms) should not exceeds 30 % of the DC voltage. 
  8. When the button is pressed down the DC voltage across the switch should be close to 0 V (or at least < 30 % of the DC voltage measured in the last step).
  9. Put the multimeter in current mode and connect it between the switch terminals. The DC current should be < 150 mA. The AC current should be < 30 % ofthe DC current reading. 
  10. Repeat step 7, 8, 9 with different motor speed settings, including at least the highest and the lowest speed.
If the requirements above are fullfilled, there is a good chance that a modification similar to the one described for the EQ5-controller will work for your controller.

If you find that the navigation buttons consist of switches, but the measured voltages and currents are not within the ranges requested above, a possible solution may be to use relays coupled that in parallel with the switches. The LN2003 circuit can then be used to activate the relays.
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