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Astrophotography and Telescope

I have interrest for astrophotography and have had some fun with modifying a web camera for this purpose and modifying the motorcontroller for my equatorial head.


Planets (Saturn and Jupiter)

Galaxies and star clusters


Exoplanet observation

Sun pilar above Norwegian mountains

Autoguider modification of my telescope motor controler

(Measurements on my ART285 ccd-camera)


Reflector: 200 mm f5 Skywatcher with EQ5-mount. Motorized in two axes. Homemade autoguider-interface.
Refractor: 70 mm f13 Skywatcher with EQ2-mount. Motorized in the equatorial axis.
Various oculars, 2x Barlow, 5x Powermate (TeleVue).
Cameras: Art285 ccd-camera, SC2-modified a Phillips Toucam-840K webcam with Peltier cooling, an an unmodified TouCam.
Software: Cartes du Ciel map of the sky, K3CCDTools for webcam recording and processing, Artemis Capture for the Art285 camera.


Interresting discussion groups:
QCUIAG ArtemisCCD narrowbandimaging


Erlend Rønnekleiv,
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